Silent hill 2 pc version script maker needed

this seems above my lutris scripting skill set so i will put it out to whoever wants to take a crack and it here is the winehq page for info about how to get it running i would suggest windowsXP or an older version of windows though as this pc port is pretty strict about functioning properly on modern windows sadly

and if you want to go further trying to get the other silent hill pc ported games to work as well would be even more awesome

Just so you know, you don’t need an install script to play a game. You can install it manually using Lutris to make it easier and to figure out how you would write a script if you want to. I would do (and have done) something like this:

  1. Manually make a folder that will be the Wine Prefix for the game (just in case)
  2. Use “Manually add a game” to set up the Lutris entry and set the Wine Prefix to that folder under Game Options
  3. Use the right-click Winetricks, wine configuration, and run EXE in prefix to easily set up the game.

I can’t find any guides for setting up that game but guessing and looking at the POL script, I would do it like this.

  1. Run Setup.exe from disk
  2. Set Offscreen Rendering Mode to fbo
    All using Lutris. It seems like there’s some kind of patch? If that’s an exe, run that through Lutris in prefix as well.

This also really helps for learning how to set the game up, so you can write an installer for it others if you want to.

i know how to do that what i am talking about is i don’t know how to translate that as a script for lutris you basically have to use winetricks for some stuff which i know that but then make the game automatically run in single core mode which i have no idea how to do in script form