Shout out to Lutris!

Hey, guys!

So I’m just going to give a shout out to the devs of Lutris because I’m getting games to work like I haven’t before.

One game in question is Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 which would not start without an Xbox controller. When I still used Ubuntu and Wine by itself I set up sc-controller and Steam, and I couldn’t get past the most graphically-glitched game I’ve touched in Linux. This morning before going to work I was able to get a match in with correct graphics and I was very pleased. I’ll probably be writing an installer some time as soon as I can sync up keys to Xbox buttons, as I used the steam controller this time around.

Anyway, thanks guys! I’ll probably start getting so much more set up as soon as I can and get a 2-4 TB HDD to get all of my games installed to that.


I’d like to say thanks as well. Lutris makes it so simple to get games working in the three distros I’m familiar with. I currently use Fedora 28, and the games I’ve tried run buttery smooth with all the submitted installer scripts. Plus, making setup changes like PBA to DXVK only takes a few keystrokes at most, so switching is quick. The Github gists are awesome for information.

Try Anno 2070, try Planet Coaster, both not working (for me)…

@BliXen Anno 2070 has a pretty funny way of setting up. Planet Coaster simply doesn’t work.

Lutris isn’t really to blame. It’s not a magic program that makes every single program work, but it helps curate the best working scripts for a lot of games.

Both Anno 2070 and Planet Coaster’s scripts seem outdated from the latest wine results. You could help by making the Anno 2070 script yourself, but since it requires those described extra steps, I’m unsure if a Lutris script could do it.