Should I be running steam installs through winesteam? And how do I achieve this?

First off I want to apologise for the lack of logs and Data I will provide to this support post. I do not see any relevant logs that I can post. I think that my problem is a product of missing knowledge and not an error… I am on linux ubuntu, but I assume this is quite usual

So I’ve been wanting to install a game through steam,Elder scrolls online [link lutris install page] in particular. From the installation page I’ve seen that it is done through steam and proton. I do not yet understand what proton is. The lutris install link will open my local (linux) steam, and obviously gives me the error that the game is not installable for my OS.

I’ve seen that there is a runner called wine Steam, which I installed, configured and logged in. And yet, when I open the lutris game installer, it will still open my local steam. I realize that the installers default runner is set to the local steam in its script, but I do not know how to change this to Wine Steam, and if this will give me a proper setup?

So my questions are

  • How should I approach installing steam games such as ESO? install in Wine Steam first then create a manual game (using Wine-proton)? How do I change the installers dets? should I download the json, edit it and run it?
  • What do I need to know and/or look into to avoid having to ask questions like these in the future?

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Winesteam was created way before Valve decided to make Linux support better by providing builtin Wine support (with a custom-patched Wine version named Proton); currently, so long as the game isn’t marked as borked on ProtonDB, you don’t really need a separate Steam client for games with no Linux version.

Usually, I install Steam games through the native Steam client then import them all (both because there’s no need to make distinction between natively supported and Wine games, and because Steam-related features are more stable this way in Wine games); Proton does a decent job of running them most of the time. Winesteam is something I pull out when it needs additional setup and/or Proton version of Wine doesn’t cut it.

Winesteam is a separate runner from Steam runner, and thus their scripts run using different Lutris modules depending on the script metadata. You can, of course, try to edit the native Steam install script (#1) to run it the Winesteam environment rather than the default Proton, but why would you do that when there’s a script designed specifically for that purpose anyway (#4)?

You may want to start with reading names of the runners in the install script descriptions :smiley: