Shot in the dark, Xbox One controller

Hi there,

Im pretty new to the Linux world and found out about Lutris just over a week ago.
I’ve been battleing with Monster hunter world to get my controller to work.

I just want to know if somebody has gotten lucky, as i’ve found some posts regarding controller support and how not many games work out of the box.

I’ve gotten the game as far as ‘seeing’ that there is a controller connected, since it gave me the A button in options.

The controller works in Lutris settings.

Maybe it’s something simple, maybe not.

Hope someone can help!

Kind regards,


The first thing you should check is if the controller is beein recogniced by the wine prefix itself.
Rightclick on the games launcher in Lustris -> Joystick controll panel and try it.

Thanks for your input, that feature works.
I didn’t specify that in the OP but that’s the first thing I tried :slight_smile:

The next step is to simply play with lutris controller settings and look which one will work for the game. If none, i would guess the game doesnt work with a gamepad through wine. (for now)

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I guess I’ll have to wait then, tried every option available in Lutris, and none of them work.

Thank you for your time :slight_smile: