Shortcuts for modding/helper utilities

This might already be possible somehow, but I didn’t manage to find a simple way to do this (short of making my own .desktop entries with the proper Wine prefix etc.)…

For some games (e.g., Fallout 3/NV/4, Elder Scrolls ≥ 3, etc.) there are hosts of various external tools/utilities of various sorts. We can “Run EXE inside wine prefix” to install these utilities (the ones that need an installer), and/or to run them. However, this gets tedious fast as you’re navigating back and forth in the directory structure.

Would it be possible to somehow allow for adding entries to the right-click menu and/or the menu on the right?

Alternatively, could it be a possibility to make installer scripts that require other installer scripts to have been installed and to install under the same $GAMEDIR?

Right now we could potentially make scripts that install e.g., Fallout 4 together with LOOT + FO4Edit + Mod Organizer + Creation Kit (incl. Bethesda Launcher), but we’d still only be able to have one of them be the “run” option, and the amount of variations depending on what tools (e.g., what about xTranslator? One of the many INI editors? People who want to use Vortex (or Nexus Mod Manager) instead? …) would mean that there’d be no end to the amount of installers required, each of them requiring upkeep etc.

(I feel like this is something that might have been discussed before, but I couldn’t find anything.)

Honestly, the most convenient option (which also makes most sense) is to use dedicated software like Q4Wine for managing additional executables within a Wine prefix. Just make sure to configure the prefix to use the same location and Wine version as in Lutris (and obviously don’t overwrite it).