Shortcut (CTRL + Period) brings up text box in bottom left

I apologize if I break any rules here, I’m new to this

In Lutris, I’ve found (Only tested in one game) that when I press CTRL+Period It brings up this small text box in the corner that makes most things I type go there

This is tested in LR2 (a Be-Music Script player, this is not a part of the game itself)
I’d like to disable this as I’ve been playing with this key configuration for a very long time now and having to remap ctrl to something else would break my whole layout. I find it hard to play comfortably otherwise
(CTRL / Shift / Z / X / Space / M / , / .)

I can’t find any leads online and any help would be greatly appreciated
I’ll provide resources in any way I can

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I did a bit of digging and I figured out it was an Emoji panel

If you open a terminal and type in “ibus-setup” then you can switch to an emoji tab and fix the issue