Setting winetricks settings for script creation

I found most of the options you can set here on the github documentation (at the bottom): I think either a lot of options are missing, or intended to be set per task as a registry task (which takes up a lot of… screenspace - so to say).

But setting options such as OffscreenRenderingMode to fbo or backbuffer from (right-clicking any game ->) winetricks -> prefix -> change settings. I was wondering how you can set the options in that screen in a script, if at all. Because it’d really slim the install script down and help with keeping things neat and clear if I can prevent having to make a registry task for each option. I’m sure I’m missing something obvious, but I haven’t been able to find it.
Anyone that can shed some light on this?

  OffscreenRenderingMode: backbuffer

Like that. winesteam if it’s a windows Steam game.