Setting up Uplay with DXVK on Lutris

Just looking to set up Uplay but have been been having issues. Got the script from: and after installing it just crashes. I told it to run the executable UbisoftGameLauncher.exe and it launches, but when I try to import my games it just says all the files are corrupt. I also tried changing the executable to default to UbisoftGameLauncher.exe and it just crashes at that point. Only way to get it launching at all is by clicking “run exe within wine prefix” every time.

Could you provide more detail on what you did?

Did you use the below script dkvx with a 64 bit prefix.

Did you copy the game files to the correct location in the correct prefix?

Also did you install the latest Vulkan and Mesa drivers?

Did you disable the in game overlay (this sometimes crashes the game when launching)

Strider changed Lutris to include DXVK and currently it removes the d3d11 and dxgi dlls when placed in system32/syswow64 manually. Anyway I updated it so please try it again.