Setting up steam games

i’ve been trying to run abe’s oddysee through lutris because through proton on steam the FMVs lag far too much and i thought lutris install scripts might be magic or something and it said the set up was automated so why not lol, but, i installed all the dependencies as far as i’m aware, imported my steam library, ‘installed’ oddysee on lutris, which for some reason installed wine-steam, is that supposed to happen? i thought it might just run a wine script on the steam it’s already detected that i have installed. either way, after specifying the install directory as a wine prefix all it did was open up wine steam, make me sign in, and leave a blank wine desktop window.

game log

running plasma on arch and using intel graphics

it s because winesteam = run steam with wine, if u have issue with proton try pronton eggrol or protontricks to fix it.

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got it, thanks