Serious Sam open source engine

Has anyone managed to get anything out of the current Serious Engine port by Icculus?

I have a build script here and I can get the executable to build in a 32bit container but when getting the cmake-build folder back to my machine, I get the following:

STUB: !!! FIXME: wire this up for SDL? in /home/ubuntu/buildbot/games/serious-sam/serious-engine-src/Sources/SeriousSam/SplashScreen.cpp, line 116.
STUB: load window icon in /home/ubuntu/buildbot/games/serious-sam/serious-engine-src/Sources/SeriousSam/MainWindow.cpp, line 168.
STUB: Need SDL invisible window or something in /home/ubuntu/buildbot/games/serious-sam/serious-engine-src/Sources/SeriousSam/MainWindow.cpp, line 376.
  "Cannot initialize classes:
Cannot open file `/home/strider/serious/Classes/Player.ecl' (No such file or directory) ()"

I haven’t found any file name Player.ecl in the source tree nor in the Steam files.

I know that Icculus has still a lot of work to do on the engine until it’s ready but there should be a way to try it in its current state.

You should probably report this upstream (most likely a bug):

Forgot to update the post, but the issue has been fixed since then and the game is available here