Semi-offline install - what options do I have?


I was using the search but couldn’t find an answer to my question that works for recent versions of Lutris.

I bought a GOG game and downloaded the exe file. I went to and downloaded the according .json file for the game. Now, when I try to install the game via the .json file Lutris still wants to access my GOG account to install the game. However, I don’t want to give Lutris those login details and want it to take the local exe file instead.

How can I rather install the game offline? I am using Lutris via Flatpak, version 0.5.13 and all the tips in the forum don’t work. I put the file into the cache folder but Lutris still wants to login to GOG. I deleted gogid and gogslug from the .json file but I couldn’t get it to work either.

Is there an easy way to achieve what I am asking for here? Some help would be appreciated.


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When you run the installer, when you get to the point where you can click to ‘install’ and there is the list of files the installer needs, you can change the source for each file from ‘download’ to ‘Select file’. Then you can browse to the file for an offline install.

Hello ugly,

Thanks for your reply. Your solution doesn’t work unfortunately. It seems you only get to this option where you can choose the source for each file if you are already logged into the GOG account.

Therefore my question still stands. Any solution for this?

Well, I found a workaround by editing the json file to replace GOG with exe or DVD. That does the trick.

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How do you get the json file for GOG installer ?

From the website. I usually search for the game, and often there is a json-file for download available. Far Cry for example: For the GOG version you have the option to Edit the installer, View the install script or Download script.