See the Lutris roadmap

I just became a contributor on Patreon to help support Lutris, because I absolutely love this project. I noticed there were some references there to contributors being able to influence the roadmap. I was wondering if there’s a place we can see the roadmap, and that sort of thing?

I this what you seek?
The github milestones page

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I’m not sure, tbh… more of the issues in the milestones are not actually planned to be released in a given milestone, right?

The milestones are currently the best description of planned features.

There are also a bunch of features I haven’t yet written down.

Generally speaking all milestones like 0.5, 0.6, 0.7 are series, meaning they are not specific releases whereas milestones like 0.4.18, 0.5.0 are releases and you can expect issues to be solved in the given release, unless it gets postponed for some reason.

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