ScummVM amd Linux Games starter can't change Desktopresolution

Hi, Lutris can’t change the Desktopresolution for ScummVM an Linux Games but that would be good and required for some ScummVM and Linux Ganes to start it (like Broken Sword 2.5…) or to make a good Gameplay (to see the Games on a full filled screen). Since Lutris 0.4.2 i’m happy to see that DosBox Games have this feature bzw. i can set it up in the dosbox.conf by typing in the addition: “fullresolution=desktop”.
I help me for the time to type an startscript for my System-version of ScummVM to bypass the lutris ScummVM-Version and to use the OpenGL rendering from ScummVM 1.9.0. And thats my next Question.
Is it planned to integrate this OpenGL feature from ScummVM 1.9.0 in Lutris ScummVM?
And Is there a way for me to bypass the : “switch Resolution to” feature to let the Games set there own Desktopresotution?

Thanks in advance

It would appear that there is a missing feature in our build of ScummVM?

I’ll have to check the output from the build script and maybe add a few dependencies because we try to have the most feature complete runners.