Script for GOG version of Jagged Alliance 2

Hi there

Could someone help me understand how to create a script for this game (or provide me one)? There is one little caveat: I’d like to patch the GOG version with ja2-stracciatella (found on github), so there are two .executables to install.

Patch: see above, can’t provide more than 2 links

Alright, that’s a start:
However, at least the given exe is wrong because it should point to the stracciatella runner.

The game itself seems to work, Stracciatella not. Im getting a Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library error: “Debug Error! Program: C:\Program Files\JA2 Stracciatella\ja2.exe abort() has been called”.

Any ideas?

The installer and the game is working now without Stracciatella. I have added a technical information how to use Stracciatella outside lutris.