SC2 on Ubuntu 18.04 ingoring 1440p

First of all I;m super stoked that I can play SC2 on my Ubuntu box. I gave up Windows since the time it interrupted a 5 day batch job because of updates. The hardest part of giving it up was the loss of SC2. Can’t praise this project more. Anyhow, I’ve set my machine up and found a quirk where the in-game resolution does not change to 1440p. were as my host is at the said resolution as so is the Wine desktop. What is weird is that 1440p is selection option within the game, but the game play still looks like 1080. SC2 mentions that the “Suggestion resolution is 1080” by way of a message in the in-game video settings screens.

I’ve tried forcing the resolution in a few of the Lutris fields to no avail.

Facts I can confirm:

  • 2560x1440 is an available option in the Lutris logs (when starting the game)

  • The registry settings in Wine specify both the vertical and horizontal sizes and 2560x1440

  • 2560x1440 is selectable in game, but it;s not applied. Visually the game play is still at 1080p even after selecting 1440p

  • Changing Runner Options -> Windowed (virtual desktop) show the desktop at what looks like 1440p, yet even the Battle.Net window already looks like it’s running in 1080p.

Technical notes:

OS: Ubuntu 18.04
Gxfcard: GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
driver: version: 430.09 “Video BIOS: ;”
CPU: “Intel® Core™ i7-4930K CPU @ 3.40GHz”;

In Lutris:

System Options for the game:

  • SDL 1.2 Fullscreen Monitor: Philips Consumer Electronics Company 27”

  • Switch resolution to: 2560x1440

Runner options:

  • Wine version tkg-4.0-x86_64

  • DXVK version 1.0.3

  • Enable DXVK ON

  • Virtual Desktop resolution: empty (setting 1440p has no effect here)

I’m not sure what other logs to provide, so if anyone can point me to a particular log file, I’m happy to go and fetch it. Has anyone run into this kind of issue?

Thanks a bunch in advance!

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Any progress with this?


Afraid not. I’ve experiment with a bunch of options and nothing. In the mean time I’ve moved over to 4K so I will give that a crack and soon I will migrate to AMD so that may also change things a bit.

I know it’s been a littler under two weeks, but any update on this?
Here are my thoughts:
Make you’ve installed all your updates if you haven’t already.
Can you confirm which of the sc2 installers you used?
If you haven’t already, you might want to try reinstalling/creating with the latest verison of the script, as it pulls newer versions of wine.
I noticed that you have dxvk enabled, try disabling if you used the wined3d+esync script.
If you used the d9vk script then make sure you have the latest version of lutris and enable the new d9vk option.
Also share your dll overrides under runner options as well as environmental variables under system options.