Save game location for a Gog Wine game

I have for example, a GOG game installed (Descent 2).
I cannot figure out in which folder are saved my games.
I monitored the Games folder, but it’s no there since nothing changed in this folder (I performed a md5sum of the entire folder, before and after a save).
Where are the save game locations for Gog games running on wine ?

I believe the wineprefix is created in the game installation folder. The exact savefile location depends on the game though. Typically it’s either in the folder of the game itself (inside the wineprefix), or somewhere within the userdata folder (Users or Documents and Settings).

Some games think it’s a good idea to use a folder like “My Documents” for that purpose, which can be symlinked to outside filesystem (when it does it seems to default to $HOME for some reason), so you may want to check that out (probably disable as well, having games create folders in $HOME is annoying).