RX570 seen has a RX480?

Hello everyone!

New around here and on Linux in general. To make it simple, i bought an RX570, i had trouble get signal from DVI, upgraded bios and since then i wasn’t able to make my Ethernet card work. So i installed Ubuntu in hope my network would work here but it didn’t. It make me discover that my mobile in USB modem setting was natively detected by Ubuntu YEAHHHHHHH awesome!!

So while im waiting for my new Ethernet card to be delivered i wanted to play some game. It’s pretty much a fresh ubuntu installed with barely what Lutris needed to work and i hadn’t any problem.

So i’ve installed Path of exile via Lutris, no problem, everything installed correctly. Then when i opened Path of exile the fps was around 20-35 and in the video options i seen that my MSI RX570 8Gb’s armor OC was seen has a RX480. I’ll add that i’ve installed the Steam(Windows) Steam version of path of exile.

So i was kinda wondering why and how to possibly get better performance ? Last time i tryed to install AMD pro drivers i’ve ended up with some graphic glitch happening here and then. (And an error related to Kernel during the installation if i remember ? Which ended up in reinstalling Ubuntu.)

Before i forget im on Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS!

It would be awesome if someone has an idea about what i should do. Because i must say sometime i get kinda lost on Ubuntu when it come to installing thing with commands.

Thanks in advance!