Run steam game on other drive?

Hi, i cant figure it out, how to do it. Im pretty new to lutris so Id like some help. What should i start, wine steam or wine? Thanks for helping me out

Er… If you want to install a Steam game in specific location, it’s configured inside the Steam client (should be Steam Library Folders button in Downloads settings). You can pick the folder you want to install the game to during its installation, and I’m pretty sure that you can change the folder for an installed game in its Steam settings as well.

As for Windows games, you can run them in native Steam client by selecting and installing Proton tool in it (look for Steam Play in settings and mark the “enable for supported games” and “enable for all games” checkboxes). If the game you run with Proton doesn’t work (you can enforce it for Linux games in game settings BTW) you can check if there’s a way to make it work in ProtonDB.

Winesteam is just Steam client run in a Wine bottle, which is how we ran Windows games before Proton; I’ve only seen one or two games that work in it but don’t work in Proton so far (and even those can be fixed now, I think). It’s preferable to use Proton in most cases as you’d have to re-login into your Steam client instances when switching games otherwise. (Speaking of which, don’t forget to close your Steam client after finishing playing the game if you opened it from Lutris, otherwise Lutris can’t detect your playtime correctly.)