Run Lutris in a external HDD

I installed Lutris, and everything works perfect, but i have an issue. My PC has the ‘‘home’’ drive disk a SSD and a secondary HDD. I want to install games at my HDD, but I don’t know how. When I change in preferences to download files in my HDD everything installed can not run. Says “No File Provided”. How can I configure Lutris to download files in my HDD? Everything installed on my home disk works perfect. Thanks for help.

At what path is de HDD mounted and is your user account the owner?

Besides the games location there is also a cache location where downloaded installer items are placed so the installer can use them for the installation. This location is located at the following path:


There is another path where runners and banners are downloaded to:


And there is the config location where all installer scripts are placed:


I moved those directories to my extra HDD and placed symlinks to them from their original location. This way I could leave Lutris config in tact.

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My HDD ins mounted at home/mnt/DATA (DATA is the HDD’s name) My user is the owner. How are the symlinks made?

This is the syntax:

ln -s [link-name] [directory]

But…there is a difference between the cache location and the location your installer installs the game. This location you can choose each time via the installer.

Could you post the output of the log when you get this error?

lutris -d

If your drive is setup correctly then installing games to it shouldn’t be an issue.