Run from terminal

Hello everyone. I searched all over the internet and can’t find how to “run from terminal”. I was using this feature recently, then rebooted my pc and now I can’t find it anywhere. Please help me locate it.
(No, it’s not in menu when I right click game “banner”).
(Sorry for terrible english, i’m Ukrainian).
Please help.

It’s in Game Configuration -> System options. Enable “Show advanced options”

Not that. When I click on “run from terminal” it opens up a terminal in game directory, where you can run it manually.

Okay, I found what was wrong.
When i tried to start MTGA it was throwing an error [Unable to parse line "] and traceback. So, I added detection of this key and made it so it ignored it and now all is working.
For those who facing the same problem:
Find utile/ file and go to 100 row(there it parse all keys in for-loop).
Mine was in /usr/lib/python3.7/site-packages/lutris
Add lines:

if line == ‘"’:

Save it(be aware that it is system files so you need sudoedit)