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Run app/game/exe from command line and passing command line arguments

I have a Windows application that I can run with lutris lutris:rungame/adobe-digital-editions (or lutris lutris:rungameid/1 ) from the command line. I know that I can pass arguments to the exe / application by setting “Game options” > “Arguments” in the Game preferences. How can I do this on the command line?

That is, I would like to pass file names as command line options to the application like

lutris lutris:rungame/adobe-digital-editions file1.acsm file2.acsm file3.acsm

I tried this but it did not work. Might it be that this is really not possible with lutris?

With bare wine you can do this with wine .wine32/drive_c/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Digital Editions 2.0/DigitalEditions.exe file1.acsm file2.acsm file3.acsm (but I cannot use wine as the application does not properly install with just wine, it is too complicated to setup, but Lutris works without problems)

You seem to be misunderstanding the purpose of Lutris.

Lutris is an interface for managing videogames. It’s designed to run videogames, it has multiple features that exist specifically for that purpose, and it has a large database of easy-to-use install scripts for them.

Videogames aren’t utility appilcations. They aren’t supposed to operate external files; they’re supposed to be set up and run the exact same way every time you start them up. There’s no reason to run a game with a custom one-time argument (and thus, Lutris doesn’t have such a feature).

If you want to manage utility/multimedia applications (particularly those run with Wine), don’t use a videogame manager to run them. Personally, I’d suggest using Q4Wine for that; that’s what I use whenever I need to work directly with Wine. The whole “create prefix → setup drive → work with Wine” process is very smooth in it, and it has a CLI-runner if you need it (though I normally just make a desktop icon with drag-and-drop). Of course, it doesn’t have Wine versions hosted for download, but you can just add ones you download in Lutris.

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ok, thanks for explaining why this feature does not exist.