RPG Maker VX Ace Games?


I made a couple of games with RPG Maker VX Ace recently. I would like to shamelessly plagiarize your installer and publish my game with it (assuming you also used the compression / no-RTP option).

If you published an RPG Maker VX Ace game on Lutris, or found an existing one on here, please let me know. For my other game, I had to (very painfully) discover via trial-and-error what the config file wants from me.

I looked through the RPG and JRPG categories and spotted a couple of obvious ones, but they use the Steam installer.

The game itself is not hard to extract (it’s just a zip), but I need to know how to configure Wine properly. I don’t know anything about Wine yet (can I assume it’s installed? Do I have to worry about different versions?)

Trial and error for the win.

For anyone else in a similar situation: you packaged your game in a .zip file which includes Game.exe on the root directory, here’s the config that worked for me:

runner: wine
- archive: http://url-to/your/game-v1.0.0.zip
  exe: Game.exe
- extract:
    file: archive

That’s it, it works. The only caveat is that sometimes, lutris -i ... with a local copy of the installer installs, but fails to launch the game immediately. Lutris GUI seems to be able to run it fine after that.