Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 - EPICGAMES Launcher crashes immediately using Proton-GE

When I started RCT3 in Epic Games Launcher with wine runners GE-Proton 5.9 ST to support Faudio for wma Audio for RCT3, I was able to enter the Welcome screen and when the loading session crashed.

i got log from EPIC Launcher Like this:

[2020.09.26-07.42.10:621][982]FCommunityPortalManagerImpl_SetUnrealEnginePortalViewModel: UnrealEnginePortalViewModel is null
[2020.09.26-07.42.10:623][982]FCommunityPortalManagerImpl::SetUnrealEnginePortalViewModel UEPVM:1
[2020.09.26-07.42.10:626][982]~FPresentationImpl UEPVM:0
[2020.09.26-07.42.10:628][982]Portal: Destroying App Domain Layer
[2020.09.26-07.42.10:630][982]LogDirectoryWatcher: A directory notification failed for 'C:/users/steamuser/Local Settings/Application Data/UnrealEngineLauncher/com' because it was empty or there was a buffer overflow. Attemping another request...
[2020.09.26-07.42.10:633][982]LogDirectoryWatcher: A directory notification failed for 'C:/users/steamuser/Local Settings/Application Data/UnrealEngineLauncher/com', and we were unable to create a new request.
[2020.09.26-07.42.10:636][982]Portal: Destroying App Data Access Layer
[2020.09.26-07.42.10:675][982]LogSlate: Request Window '' being destroyed

when i use wine runners lutris 5.7,
the game can enter and run smoothly but there is no audio music because it does not support MWA.

can you guys help me fix this problem ?

Look at the winehq game page, this game is not well supported by Wine for the moment.
I obtained same crash as you.