Rockstar launcher installation doesn't work - I can't find the installation logs

I have tried to install the two existing versions to date (D9VK and santdalone (DXVK-based)) and both give the same error. Once installed, it cannot find the directory. The fact is that I don’t have time to read the log while it is installed and I don’t know in which folder it is saved. Before posting more information I would like to review it for myself and test if I can do something about it but I need this little help, someone could give me some clue where this log is generated during installation.

Thank you very much in advance

Its not a log file. WINE outputs to the console. When you would run a game from a console widget you will see output. That’s the log.

When you run Lutris from a console and then run the installer can you see the log passing by there?

When it does then you could also redirect Lutris’ output to a text file:

cd ~
lutris > log.txt
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Thank you, thank you, thank you so much.

any progress getting this installed? even when i manually run the launcher installer from the prefix lutris creates (or any for that matter) it doesnt install, just exits without any errors. using other prefixes im able to get the installer to launch to the language selection but the second i push a button or move the mouse the installer closes and nothing gets installed.

I was a bit too quick, Lutris does have a log:


More people are mentioning this (see commens section):

Questions which arise:

  • File system in use?
  • If the logs show a path, does it actually exist and does it contain the required exe?

that’s me XDD

In any case I found your previous advice more interesting. Unfortunately, I don’t understand very well how wine works and I just didn’t find out.

The thing is that when installing, I don’t know what will be wrong, but when you search for the executable of the launcher, you don’t find it because you haven’t even created the folder that should contain it.

I leave the log of the process, although it is something that I do not like doing this kind of thing, because to spend the time of others I spend mine. But if someone serves it there it is.

well… wait,I was going to try again the installation to save the log and curiously today if it has installed, so I can not pass the log of the failures (now I do not know if it is good news xDDD)

Sorry if I have been slow to respond but I wanted to try to find out more on my own. If you still have problems, do not hesitate to continue commenting here that I am quite new with wine and I am very interested.

Ah that was you. In that case I can see why my previous answer was more interesting. You already knew the second one.

If I understand correctly, you would like to know where Lutris installs your games.

When you open the main options window of Lutris you will find the standard install location for games.

When you install games and you don’t specify anything that location is used.

Every game entry also has the option to ‘view the game files’. Right click on a game and you will see this option.

That way you can peek around and you will learn a lot about how wine works.

not exactly, more or less I know how lutris works, the thing is that when you told him in which folder to install (because you can choose it as you say), the installation script did not create it and wine came either, so after installation He evidently found nothing.

My original intention in this post was to find a way to see that log so that I could see exactly what I was doing step by step.

Which I ended up missing a little more since most errors do not get to understand because they were registry errors and in that case, the windows registry is something that I do not carry very well (assuming that was)

Your route to save the log and spend time investigating is actually a very good one.

You can also post your log so the users here can see it. Maybe we see something you missed.

I don’t know what registry errors you see. Posting the log can help here. If none of your games install, maybe its a permissions error. That also counts for hidxpress123 who reports kind of the same issue.

Post your logs, it really can help.

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The problem is that when I went to register a clean log about the failures that it gave me, everything was installed well, so I don’t keep any written copy ><U

Because i used
lutris > log.txt

lutris >> log.txt