Rockstar Games Launcher

Hey, I’m very new to Linux so I apologize if this is a stupid question. I bought GTA V in 2017 (non-steam) and now I am trying to get it to work on Linux. I installed the Rockstar Games Launcher via Lutris, but when I try to install the game on my HDD, which I formatted to ext4 recently (because it didn’t work on NTFS) it doesnt let me. Here’s a quick video:

EDIT: Highly doubt this will help, but here are the logs.

Sooo, did you read the red error sign?
it says, there is not enough free space on your disk. Maybe there is a problem, not lutris related?

…which is why I wanna install it on my external HDD that has more than enough space. I’m using Arch now, and I have a 3.5TB drive, still the same issue.

What happens if you install the rockstar games launcher and the complete wine prefix on the bigger drive?
And your ext4 partition is the complete 3,5 TB?

Nothing, same error. Yes, it’s 3.5TB, 3.1TB of that is free. Anyway, I installed dualboot Windows 11, so not to worry, I won’t be gaming on Linux anymore. Thanks for trying to help, and at least respond, as no one has responded in 4 months.

…although this is a big issue that should be fixed for those who play games on linux.