Rocket league hangs in lutris

When I play rocket league. Everything works fine but when I try to exit rocket league. ( By clicking on the esc button and then clicking on exit to desktop button in the rocket league menu) , rocket league hangs. My kde plasma desktop becomes unresponsive. I have to open task manager like htop , bashtop and top to kill the rocket league process.

Here is my system details - /

Any clue ?

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Not sure what could be the problem, but can you say what things you tried to stop the problem, so we can bash a few ideas around. I dont play rocket league, but we might still come up with ideas to try .

I already mentioned it a thousand times in the post. I open rocket league, everything works fine but when I try to close the game through the rocket league menu the game becomes unresponsive and then I have to move to a new workspace or press the super key to bring up my applications menu because I am in kde. Then I open terminal and I type
$ bashtop
and then I kill the rocket league process. If I have to explain this simple thing thousand times then I don’t even know what to do.

I meant what other wine / proton versions you tried. Did you test another DE etc. Not what you did after the crash happens. But if your going to be rude you wont get much help here. Help yourself.

I am using wine 7.12-1 .
I use 4 Des and 4 window managers in my arch pc.
Kde , cinnamon , gnome , xfce , qtile , xmonad , dwm , bspwm and i3. Tried with kde , i3 , dwm and qtile. All same nothing worked out.

Btw I am not being rude. You just said “but can you say what things you tried to stop the problem” . -__- English is not my first language but I think you should be more straightforward when questioning people. Don’t take it in a negative way. ¯_(ツ)_/¯