Rocket League doesn't work

Hi there, Rocket League doesn’t work, i downloaded the Epic Games store, Rocket League and launched, it opens and black screen, then closes. What do i have to do? I really want to play the game.

I am on Pop OS, i have Nvidia Cards and Intel i5, can someone help me?

For me works perfectly. Also it supports Nintendo Switch joypad using USB cable.

I’ve left quite everithing standard.

I’ve RX460 and Ryzen 7-3700X

did you use the lutris installer, or did you install it with wine/playonlinux?

I’ve run into the same issue today. I got to the intro once, was incredibly laggy and then it crashed again.

I was using the Lutris script to install EGS, I am however on Manjaro.
If there’s anything (logs or something) that I can provide, please tell me. I’d like to know what’s wrong, I wanted to pick the game up again. Thanks in advance!

i am facing the issue now. the game crashes on startup

Firstly, can you give us your exact CPU and GPU models? This might help narrow down the issue. Also, can you tell us the exact version of wine you’re using?