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Richard Burns Rally

Cmon guys i want play rbrally on linux so can someone smarter than me make it possible!?
I love to see mods working too :wink:

Hm. Not much to go on. So I took a dive in the vast digital library (via :grin: ).

The neighbors made an installer. I see they use WINE 1.1.37 not much more.

At AppDB version 1.x has a silver rating and some bronze. WINE version used is 3.19-staging:

ProtonDB has no data.

the installer isnt working for me, it wont download dgvoodoo2 or rbr fixup so i have to download them manually, but whats worse is the rbr fixup wont install at all, the installer just wont accept the file so i simply cant install the game, i think it may be caused by these files getting updated to newer versions the patch doesnt recognize, can someone change this so i can play the game?