[Resolved] Neverwinter Nights - Issues with installerscript?


There seems to be something broken with the NWN installer. I have the unrar and innoextract and manual extraction works fine.

It seems like the script is looking for the files in the wrong directory (app instead of game), changing this makes it work better - at least some times. However, I still cannot get it to install properly.

I’ve made my own fork of the install script and changed all /app/ occurrences to /game/, which at least makes it properly recognize the “ambient” folder. However, it seems like the script is too quick and tries to copy the folders before innoextract has finished the job.

Any tips?

Damn, I keep getting conflicting information about NWN :confused:

I’ve deleted the existing installer and published yours (the revision without the sleep 30 because that’s just weird).

In the future, if you need to fix an installer, no need to fork it, you can just edit the existing one. (I think there is a note about this on the fork page)

Thank you for the reply!

My installer doesn’t work either, as stated in the original post. I added the sleep 30 to see if that would help (since innoextract doesn’t finish extracting before lutris tries to move the extracted files).

So, the remaining issue is that the script cannot find the files it needs because innoextract isn’t done extracting before it tries to use the files.

Any tips regarding that issue?

Thanks for catching that.

The changes we made regarding the process monitor (the fact that we don’t leave a zombie process hanging around) broke the execute task (This installer would continue before the task was finished).

I’ve written a fix for that to monitor execute tasks, similarly to wineexec stuff. It’s now available on github.

Thank you very much again and keep kicking ass :slight_smile: Lutris is phenomenal.

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