[resolved] Lutris having trouble connecting to database for checks and downloads?

I’m not having any particular software troubles, but since yesterday, Lutris is having to take two full minutes to open up (checking for runtime updates) my guess is it just gives up and opens the app anyway. Also choosing and installing new WINE packs is not possible.

I’m on Linux Mint setup… I also tried again on a fresh setup. never had trouble with Lutris, runs perfectly. Only problem I have is Lutris “checking for runtime updates” and downloading wine versions.

:edit: all is working fine now. Seems Lutris is able to connect and get what it needs to run. no more problems.

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I asked after this (in the form of a suggestion for a setting to disable those startup runtime checks) because I was getting “connection reset by peer” errors causing python barfage and the progress bar bouncing back and forth.

I think there are some bad github servers in whatever mirror pool, because I soon also started to notice that some of the build scripts I was using (that pull from git and/or download rolled up project tarballs from github) were also failing whilst building packages.

I would say keep trying again.

Not a lot you can do if you can’t download a wine runner you want, but for the gyrating startup runtime check I found that I could right click on the taskbar (I use Lumina desktop but it should be the same for any window manager with taskbar functionality) and close window. It doesn’t kill the window, but then lutris reacts by popping up the main program window. After that, the other window can be killed and the lutris main program window will still be there and function normally.

Yeah just found out I can cancel the runtime check up by forcing it to close and then Lutris pops up no problem.

Does me no good that I can not choose a wine installer on this fresh setup. Lutris is unusable for now.

Meanwhile I can still run some things with wine alone… so I got that going at least.

Oh well, you are right not much I can do but wait for the servers/mirrors to get right.

Thanks anyway

They have been fucked for a long time, I have exactly the same issues as you and have had them for months. You can find a runner by chasing around git hub with searches.