[resolved] Load games from another partition

OS: Linux Mint Cin.

I bought a new, big harddrive and made some partitions to keep games separate from my root and home path. But Lutris seems unable to load wine games from another partition, it only loads wine games from the home directory, so it seems.

And because I did not know that Lutris needs my game partition to mount in my home directory path, ~/games I simply made the mount point of my games partition in /games/.
I checked Gparted for settings to re-create my partition and to mount my games from /home/games but there is no command to modify the mount point and change it from root to home. Only the OS installer seems able to make mount points.

Also a hard link of my games folder to my home dir does not work

Links to your ~ directory should work just fine. I’ve done symbolic links for years with lutris, steam, crossover, etc with no problems.

I might have misread this part, but if a hard link does not work you might need to change ownership and permissions in your new directory with the following.

sudo chown user:user -R /games/*
sudo chmod 755 -R /games/*

You can add the mount point to /etc/fstab to automatically mount it to your ~ directory at boot. for example.

UUID=338d5c92-1138-4f55-a6ab-c8858a33964e /home/curt/BackUp ext4 users 0 0

or use PARTUUID if you want to mount the partitions separately.

Indeed, in the meantime I found out about the fstab file and it works nicely.
Hard links or soft links did not work - no idea why. My games partition is on the same disk, so no idea what I missed. I take note of your additional info, thanks very much !

In the Cinnamon menu, click on the System Settings icon on the left hand side - in this you will find the Disks app which is a GUI to manage your disks including a mount options to update the fstab