[RESOLVED] [jzintv] add scaling window and fullscreen

I don’t know at all if it’s possible but i’m giving the suggestion:

It would be for the jzintv runner to add options to make the window bigger and stretching the game. The runner runs using the native resolution of the games which is very tiny. Impossible to resize the window and the fullscreen just fills the screen with the still tiny game screen at the center.

So it would be nice to add a real fullscren feature that stretches the game, and also adding size multipliers for the windowed versions (2x, 3x, etc… at least until 5x :stuck_out_tongue: )

After some researches, there’s apparently a way in the basic jzintv to choose a custom resolution.
This page says the command -z can be used (like -f is used for toggle fullscreen)

It can be used in two different ways:

  • With presets. used with -z0 to -z7
  • With custom settings with -z(height)x(width),(color bit depth)

But maybe only the first one can be used, with a dropdown menu in the settings.

Resolution changing will be added to the version 0.4.15. Thanks to me. lol :stuck_out_tongue: