[Resolve] The Sims 4 graphic error

I’ve installed The Sim 4 and everything’s going great except I get a black square where my character. The game is totally playable, but it’s annoying.
I tried to change some settings but it’s still the same.

Linux Mint 20 with Liquorix Kernel 5.7
Nvidia GTX1060 - with 4.50 and 4.40 controler
Wine 5.7(default) and 5.4
Gamemode on/off

I also changed graphic options and resolutions within the game, without any results.
Any ideas?


in the end it has been resolved…
I didn’t remember to say I used the Liquorix kernel.
These days the kernel was updated, I tried the game and it works perfectly.

Do you remember which kernel/nvidia driver fixed it for you?