Reset Wine for an installed game w/o reinstalling?

Hey community! I wonder how I would go about resetting a wine instance for an installed game?

Case in point: I installed De Blob 2 from GOG. Controller didn’t work properly, so I messed around with some DLLs and borked the whole Wine instance.

How would I go about resetting this game’s Wine instance to “factory settings” without deleting and reinstalling the whole 10 GB game?

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What folder exactly did you modify?

I refer to this and your other post on the same game, and suspect you may be a bit unclear about what Lutris does. The backdrop to this question is that the recent 7 series releases of wine staging have had a lot of work done with controller support,

The whole idea of having runners is to largely avoid what you have done. Having a selection of runners enables you to choose a wine environment that someone who knows what they are doing has created. So if find a game with runner A does not work then you just configure that game to run with runner B,C,D until you find one that works.

Anyway, assuming you have modified some DLLs you can use winetricks>winecfg to change/disable them.

Hey guys, thanks for your replies. shag00, you’re right, I’m pretty new to gaming on Linux, at least using Lutris, Proton and Wine (been using native stuff like RetroArch and GZDoom for many years). I feel like I’m learning new every day and I’m sure I’ll ask a couple more stupid questions in the process :wink:

Your explanations are quite helpful, thanks! As for the controller issue, it had me completely mystified. I have Proton and Wine-Staging 7.10 on my system and on both, all buttons and axes work fine. However, with the Wine runners installed through Lutris, the X axes on the L and R sticks on one (!) of my two Afterglow Xbox 360 controllers wouldn’t respond, neither in Wine’s Control Panel nor in-game.

I solved the issue by creating SDL2 gamepad mappings with the SDL2 Gamepad Tool, and then putting those into the “SDL2 gamepad mapping” field in the System Options.