Requesting survey participation for bachelor study on FLOSS

Hi Lutris community member or contributor!

I am a 25 year old student from Sweden working on my bachelor thesis at the moment and it aims to study how FLOSS projects perceive and solve UX- and usability related issues. I would greatly appreaciate if you could take 3-10 minutes to answer this questionnaire. The answers given are completely anonymous and cannot be linked back to you.
Anyone who is either using Lutris software, are related to/working on the software or project itself or are generally interested in Free/Libre Open Source Software can answer this survey. Feel free to share about this survey so I can get as good as outreach as possible within the Lutris community (I have already sent a message on Discord). If you have any questions; don’t hesitate to DM me or comment this post!

Questionnaire link: Microsoft Forms

Petter “Patpat” Johansson

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Hi Patpat,
I think it’s great you are doing such a study. But, think about it: you want FLOSS projects to answer your questionnaire and you host the survey on Microsoft Forms?

I’m not inclined to send any data to Microsoft. Actually, a Google or Apple or Meta survey form wouldn’t be much better. All of them are able to de-anonymize every partitipant if they feel like it. Doesn’t your University provide such a service? They really should. I know mine does (limesurvey which is FOSS so no costs involved for Universities).

I’m sorry if you feel like this is nitpicking. We FOSS activists live in another eco system.

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Hi kaimon,
I have pretty much already understood that many activists live by this opinion and rightfully so, Microsoft Forms were what I quickly had at hand and it is what my uni already provides (it have a contract with e.g., Microsoft products). If I had more time I would’ve setup a more rigerous- and privacy respecting solution but this was not the case this time sadly.

If you feel this is a hindrance to participation; you are not forced to answer :slight_smile: . But thank you for your input anyways! I will take this as a point of learning for possible future studies!

// patpatt

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Simple solution to this–open link in tor-browser, no tracking information will be given.

I have constructed the questionnaire in a text format as well, if someone is effy about MS Office Forms, message me and I’ll provide you with the questionnaire in text format.