Requested Installers

to alleviate the confusion here and elsewhere (gog) =/= (steam) (humble) =/= (steam)
yes I know that just installing them and playing them on steam is dead easy, yes I’m aware that “steam” installers in lutris is dead easy. I’m requesting lutris installers for these games using source from (website). no I’m not asking if I can make them myself, no I am not asking to be directed to steam instead, no I am not asking for “steam” installers.

Bastion (gog)
Cayne (gog)
Crimson Land (humble)
Crowntakers (humble)
Curse of the Crescent Isle DX (humble)
Doodle God (humble)
Elder Scrolls I II III (gog)
Fantasy General (gog)
Fotonica (humble)
Limbo (gog)
Master of Orion (gog)
Master of Orion II (gog)
Monster Loves You (humble)
Mount and Blade Fire and Sword (gog)
Neverending Nightmares (humble)
Steamworld Dig (humble)
Strata (humble)
Super Win The Game (humble)
The Adventures of Shuggy (gog)
The Witcher (gog)
Tiny Keep (humble)
Torchlight (humble)
Torchlight II (humble)

Heya @Randall_Stevenson

Are you experiencing any issues with the Mount and Blade installer?

coulda sworn that wasn’t there before :yum:

um, several of those games have native Linux in Steam and you don’t need Lutris for.

Torchlight II, Tiny Keep, Steamworld Dig, and Monster Loves You for starts

True, but he is specifically asking for the humblebundle version (which I’m guessing also comes with its own installer)

yeah and every linux native game in the lutris data base has it’s own installer too, you wanna just call lutris unnecessary and get rid of it?

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For some reason, people have started to believe that Lutris was a platform for non native games.

Those people need to realize there is a world outside of Steam.


Also the #Lutris channel on discord may as well be called #OW_Wine - especially after this free weekend. :imp:

On a more constructive note - is there any way we could gather all the chat from that channel about OW into a wiki or something? I would offer to do it but since I don’t play it I wouldn’t have a clue what was relevant and what wasn’t.

There is not a lot of relevant info in this chat, most of it is just noise. The only place we should have that information is the install script itself. There are some notes there (which people don’t read) and the installers pretty much works.

All those people having problems with Overwatch lack the ability to troubleshoot the game’s installer. I tried it, it worked out of the box, I can’t fix something that isn’t broken.

Fair enough.