Request Installer?

Would adding a feature to the site to request an installer for a particular source be useful to anyone else? I found games that are on GOG which only had steam scripts and I am sure there are a lot more.

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That’s not a bad idea. I’d take it a step further and maybe have requests for help or testing on installers.

A few weeks ago, I didn’t have a clue how to make a Wine installer for GOG games. After looking at a few other installers I was able to figure it out and contribute a few. But there is still a lot that I don’t know. A few games I’ve done have some issues that I can’t figure out. And it would be nice to know whether some of the installers I’ve done have actually been used successfully by other people.

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I support this motion. :+1:

e.g. I have the problem at the moment, that Mafia II has an installer, but that does not work with Mafia II Director’s Cut. :sweat:

But I have no idea how to make or modify an installer script. Also a way of tracking the success of a script for the script writer wopuld be nice, so they know they have done good work.

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Is that for GOG? GOG uses different game IDs for different editions of the same game, and if that’s the issue, I suspect you’ll need a separate game entry with the same exact install script (as gogid can’t be customized by an install script).

There’s a “Write a new installer” button under the installers list, and next to install button for each script is a dropdown with additional actions like edit/fork (fork basically means copy-and-edit). As for what to write – check what existing installers look like, and search through the docs on the right side of the install script edit page.

There’s a “test this installer” button on the edit page; it runs the install script draft same as if you clicked the install button so you can, in fact, confirm if the install script works as expected (just take note that to see installer drafts in the list you need to click “Show unpublished installers”). There’s a catch though: it launches the last saved draft, so you need to save the changes for it to apply.