Reply email from xinput (wine) dev

So; after many moons of nothing, I sent an email to Luca Béla Palkovics who strider thinks is dead. I simply asked “are you dead?”
Here was his reply

dead… if it’s about xinput probably yes… i don’t have any personal urge for it anymore. Not playing on pc with wine for now.

that said, i did create a new branch months (years ?) ago which does seperate the xinput stuff and the stupid “CoSetProxyBlanket-Hack” stuff.
It should be able to compile on 64bit. Just the “CoSetProxyBlanket-Hack” won’t work. But any game that uses SDL2 or uses xinput directly will work.

The “CoSetProxyBlanket-Hack” needs a proper replacement, but I wasn’t able to find what i need “quickly”
(more less related to

Somewhere in the code of wine… it will have a table for the pnp-devices and/or somewhere add the gamepad/joystick to the pnp-devices.
I just wasn’t able to find it within 30min…

If you are able the find the “place” where wine does store/return/add pnp-devices I would be very thankful and probably somehow create a “CoSetProxyBlanket-Hack” replacement.

Thats said… the new branch is not “merged” because I am not sure about licences… use at own risk.

So yeah there won’t be any update unless I need it myself again :confused: Or somebody shows me where I get what I need to replace this ugly “CoSetProxyBlanket-Hack”

It’s good to have some news at least.

I’ll try to get in touch with Wine developers and ask them about the status of Xinput support in upcoming releases.