Removing the winesteam runner

My username is not a comment on anything here! I’ve had it ever since the Diablo 3 days.

Since the 0.5.10 update, the “winesteam” or “Steam for Windows” runner is gone, and the games that use it no longer work. The entries for each of them are still there in “Windows” under “Platforms,” but if I select “configure,” the “game options” and “runner options” tabs have nothing in them.

Why have an update that breaks existing games that work perfectly well? I know you want us to use the new thing under “Sources,” but if you are not going to automatically migrate the existing games that are already installed using winesteam to that new thing (and I can understand why you would not want to do that), why not just continue to leave the (deprecated) runner in the program so that existing installs aren’t unceremoniously broken by what is supposed to be an upgrade?

This isn’t really answering your question, but I (manually) deleted that a long time ago. It was still in the left pane, but gone unless the little arrow was clicked to repopulate it.

What I do for Windows Steam Client installs is just manually create Wine prefixes for it, then install Steam using “Run EXE in Wine Prefix”. This way, you can select appropriate wine runners for the games you’re going to play in that Steam instance (You can have multiple prefixes with Steam installed)

I’m sorry that they yank things out from under foot. That’s one of the few criticisms I have.