Removing origin shortcuts

i un-installed origin but i still have shortcuts that i can’t remove from POP-OS 19.04.

when i go into settings> applications all i can do is turn off the notifications and they show up in the show applications window too.

i have tried installing origin again and seeing if using the origin uninstall shortcut,which didn’t work.

The shortcuts are usually at ~/.local/share/applications/wine
at least that is the case for me.

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~/.local/share/applications/wine this just tells me it is a directory in terminal, so I looked /usr/share/applications and their is nothing with origin icon.

the issue is more like this but i have not done the

sudo apt remove or sudo apt purge

but they are talking about a program using snaps not wine an lutris.

thanks for no help

I know that this is REALLY REALLY late but I found out what fixed the problem for me:

Don’t just enter “~/.local/share/applications/wine” into the console, unless you’re really unsure if it’s a directory.

Now, you’ve already found out that it is a directory, so you type “cd ~/.local/share/applications/wine”.

the console is now looking at “~/.local/share/applications/wine”, from here on you type “ls”, this will show you the contents of “~/.local/share/applications/wine”.

In “~/.local/share/applications/wine” there should be a folder called “Programs”, and you wanna uninstall a Program, or at least what’s left of it, so you type “cd Programs”.

Now, in “~/.local/share/applications/wine/Programs” you type “ls” again.

I was looking for steam, so for me it found “Steam”, instead of Steam, you’re looking for “Origin”.

Now, we wanna delete that “Origin” folder, but rm isn’t going to cut it, because “Origin” is a directory, rm can’t delete those.

Unless you use -r, which gives rm the ability to delete directorys, and -f, which tells rm to delete everything inside it.

You can combine -r and -f, ending up with -rf

So: Once you’re in “~/.local/share/applications/wine/Programs” you can type “rm -rf Origin” and all should be fine.

type “cd ~/.local/share/applications/wine/Programs”
type “rm -rf Origin”

I hope I could help, if not you, at least the people who’ve stumbled upon this forum just like I have.