Rejected Installers

I’m new with lutris and I tried to get crysis running .

With the current installer the game just crashes so I wrote a new one which sets Windows to XP and uses the correct exe to start (

I don’t have that much knowledge about writing installers, so I don’t blame anyone to reject my submitted versions, but would you get any email about that?

Because my installers for Guild Wars 2 and Empire Earth 2 are online since hours, but my crysis installer is not visible for me anymore, even not as a draft - and the current installer doesn’t run without manual tweaking.
Would be nice to know if you would get an email about that and if a missing draft means rejected. :slight_smile:

A notification system is coming for installer issues I’ll ask Strider about extending this to installers as well.

If you forked the GOG installer then that’s the reason it was rejected. Unless you’re adding some additional stuff, like mods, we will reject forked installers. Too many installers and things get confusing for users. Please edit the existing installer instead.

Ok, sorry about that. I don’t know who reviewed it but if you resubmit your edit I’ll be sure to look it over.

@cxf I submitted it again. Would be great if you can explain me here if you need to reject it again :slight_smile: I only want you to help with that, and I dont want to annoy you with shitty installers :smiley:

I changed the .exe file, the win-arch and the win-version. All needs to get changed (I also linked the winehq comment telling you that).

Looks good but there’s no staging 3.16 x86_64 version yet. Strider is switching over from Cloudflare since they don’t allow files bigger than 100MB. Changed it to esync 3.15 in the meantime.

I got staging 3.16 64 since 3-4 hours here in my lutris, but esync 3.15 is also ok :slight_smile:

I forgot one thing: Can you write: “You may get an error message at the end of the installation, you can ignore that” in the technical description? This error is a runtime error, but the game is still installed and working. :slight_smile:

Yup, no problem.

Perfect thanks :slight_smile: I have some friends who were waiting for the new installer to play crysis :slight_smile:

And it is working now, great.

Have a great day :slight_smile:

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