Reinstall for Lutris


I have much problems with Lutris on my System. The Dark Theme don’t work, steam has Problems, even nativ games like ARK don’t run (on the Windows Dualboot they run, so it’s not a hardware problem).

I don’t think it makes sence to work around all this little Problems one by one. Lutris would be perfect for me if things that are classified as working would work fpr me, so my question:

Can you give me the exact setup for Lutris? Distribution, Driver etc? I want to reinstall my system und dedicate it perfect for Lutris.

So, which rawmaterial do I need?

My main machine on which I develop and use Lutris is running Ubuntu Gnome 17.04 (well, not really, it’s regular Ubuntu with Gnome installed on top of it) and running the latest Nvidia drivers.

As for the dark theme issue, that’s probably related to the theme you’re using. I’m using the Pop theme now and was previously using Arc Dark, all of which had no issue with Lutris.

Well, thanks for the answer. With GNOME3 installed the theme works, so this is the “problem”, good. I’ll try to get over the rest in the other thread, maybe it will work. If not, Thanks for your input, then I will reinstall with Ubuntu GNOME.