Registering wineasio

I have a audio application and it is running great on lutris, but I need wineasio to have better latency for the sound.

I have tried to install in my system using wine-staging from winehq and had successfully installed and registered wineasio, but was unable to repeat the configuration from lutris. The sound is working fine but it has graphical errors on the interface.

I tried copying the from my system to:

But regsvr32 still can’t find the dll.

I have ubuntu 19.04, mate desktop, lutris 0.5.3. The runner is lutris4.16-x86_64
I am trying to register the dll using the “wine console” option

The command and error message is:

Z:\home\luis>regsvr32 wineasio.dll

Z:\home\luis>regsvr32: Failed to load DLL 'wineasio.dll'

Thanks for any help.

Using Lutris to set it up, I have Mixcraft Pro running perfectly on Mint with wineasio using wine-4.18 (Staging) . I installed wineasio from the KX Studio repos using the default .wine directory in my home.

Hey mates!

Did you find any solution on giving a “Lutris WINE bottle” the possibility to install WineASIO? Would love to have it there!

It also installs fine into my ~/.wine, but I rather have my applications separated for that purpose.