Red Dead Redemption 2

Hi there,

Good news everyone:

There should be a way to play RDR2 on Linux (finally).

My problem is, I do not have the steam version of this game. Only on Rocketlauncher. Could some guide me on how to install it? Shall I use the normal installer from lutris and swticht to the proton version?
Till now i recieved the error “Proton: No compat data path?”.

Any Help would be apprieciated.


I think you should firstly install Rockstarlauncher via wine runner and then do everything as shown on the screenshot.

But I don’t really sure it’s going to work.

In short: download the launcher from the official site, adjust all the settings, and then download the game through it. ProtonDB currently has only 1 user who managed to run the game, so good luck!

I installed it with the rockstar launcher, copied the proton version and changed it in lutris.

It works pretty good!

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Thank you for this!


What exactly did you do? Can you provide some details as the big picture doesn’t tell me much.
I only have the game on Rockstar Launcher, so no idea how to copy anything out of it from Steam/Proton.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Linkosz,

If the game does not start, it might be an option to set the process on stop and on start again using:
PID=$(pgrep RDR2.exe); kill -s SIGSTOP $PID; kill -s SIGCONT $PID

The Process tends to freeze very often.
All the other Playaround is not needed anymore:

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