Red alert 2 and yuris revenge black screen issue

red alert 2 and yuri’s revenge both play their intros and then cannot display the menu once finished.
here is my log file:

and here is my json:

if anyone can suggest a fix or link me to a method to fix the issue I’d really appreciate it, thanks^^

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For Red Alert 2, this works for me:
Edit Ra2.ini and Ra2MD.ini


Yuris Revenge doesn’t work with this fix. Has anyone a workaround?

thanks for the info, but the issue still persists.

Commander, I managed to get it working for both ra2 and yr with these settings currently appiled;

  • The cnc_ddraw dll installed via Winetricks.
  • The desktop resolution set to the games native resolution, ether via the main desktop or using the virtual desktop option in Lutris.

Hopefully this will work for you too.