Rebel Galaxy Outlaw works

i am sorry for writing in the forum instead of making a Runner (maybe i can make one next weekend if i find some time)

I got the game Rebel Galaxy Outlaw and its really nice but i found that there is not yet alot of information on its Lutris page.

I just wanted to share that i got it to work. actually i did something dumb: i installed it in the same wine ‘instance’ that was created running the Guildwars2 installer from Lutris website.
Then add the game in lutris and choose “manual” (because there are no runners yet) install the game. Then for rebel galaxy outlaw to run it is needed to go to game options in lutris set the executable to LauncherEGS.exe (in the game main directory) and put the launch argument -EpicPortal (its not working without that).
Also put a dll file called mfc42u.dll in the games main directory.
(attention: there are 64 and 32bit versions! the 32bit version of the dll is needed!! (64 bit didnt work for me) the dll is from some MS Visual C++ redistributable pack but i dont know which one. i just downloaded the dll from the web. because when i tried to launch the game with wine from the terminal it complained that this dll is missing).

specs: Ubuntu 18.04, graphic drivers installed via ppa according to lutris wiki
Ryzen 2700X, AMD vega 64