RealFlight 9 image is squished together vertically

I just installed RealFlight 9 (DirectX 9) via Lutris on Pop! OS 21.10 (pop-os 5.15.23)

And it runs, but only playable when I enable emulated Windows Desktop. Otherwise the image is squished together as shown in the images.

I’ve tried with both lutrix-fshack-7.1 and Proton-7.2-GE-2 and its the same.
When trying system wine the program never starts.

Not sure if this is the right place to report it, if not please tell me where.

I’ve made the lutris --submit ticket but the website will only allow me to upload images?
My GPU is RTX3080ti and driver is Nvida 510.54

I can provide any debug info necessary but since the program actually runs I didn’t include it.

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I got it working with Wine-staging 7.3 from winehq