Raspberry Pi OS and Lutris?

Just making sure, is their support for Lutris on Raspberry Pi OS?

Slippery slope there. It’s not just Lutris - the entire ecosystem needs to support aarch64.

Wine is WIP for ARM. Unless you are motivated and willing to spend a lot of time, x86/ x86_64 titles won’t run on your RPi. Other projects like Box86/ Box64/ Hangover exist to provide this capability but it’s more involved than the simple “plug-and-play” on your desktop machine.

For emulators, you can have better luck. PSP, PS1, Nintendo and so on - most work as expected and quite well on SBCs. Though using Retroarch without Lutris for the time being might be better from end user perspective.

Even if you package Lutris for the OS of choice, the rest of the infrastructure needs to support it as well - there is some time to go before we get there.