RAS support not implemented - Dungeon Siege 2

Hello folks.
I am very happy to be able to play DS2, it runs so good.
I wanted to take a step further and try to play it via LAN (wireless) with my friends that use Windows 7 and 10.
So the game runs perfectly, we are able to see each other in the lobby (which I didn’t expect) but the moment we step into the game I get a blank screen (ingame cursor and menu music only) and I am disconnected from the game. Checking the logs I saw this error:

0009:fixme:ras:RasEnumConnectionsA RAS support is not implemented! Configure program to use LAN connection/winsock instead!

Now, I have very little idea what this means. I have tried disabling the rasapi32 in the wine config but then the game just crashes saying there needs to be rasapi32 enabled.
I have tinkered a lot but haven’t found a solution.
Here are the logs and lutris issue json:
Lutris Console Log
Lutris Issue Json

I am using Lenovo Thinkpad L560, Manjaro 18.1.2, Wine System 4.18 (staging), I have set arguments for width and height, have edited systems hosts file (as recommended on a lot of places online). I think I didn’t edit anything else.

Thanks for reading.
What do you guys think?