Rage 2 Bethesda Launcher issues

Hello good people!

I have a question which I can’t seem to find the answer to anywhere, so I’m hoping you awesome folks can help me!

I got a killer deal on the Bethesda launcher version of Rage 2, so I pulled the trigger. I haven’t been able to get it to launch from either adding it to lutris, steam (Forcing proton 4.2-4) or from the bethesda launcher itself. It will give me the graphics card driver out of date error but still load up the game for about 2-3 seconds but immediately crashes out. Anyone got this working?

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Hello Rage 2 runs but only if the launcher is updated. Proton 4.2 and DXVK 1.2.1 and 64 bits. He complains to me also because of the driver of NVIDIA but he runs stable. No Steam only Bethesda Launcher

HI! I did manage to get it to launch, but now I get an error about not being able to verify the game once it is installed. I’m assuming it bethesda’s DRM check and it isn’t able to contact the servers. Oh well, worth a shot.